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ICM DS7201 Afghan Motorcade (1979-1989)(URAL-375D URAL-375A,ATZ-5-375,BTR60PB 1:72

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ICM DS7201 Afghan Motorcade (1979-1989)(URAL-375D URAL-375A,ATZ-5-375,BTR60PB 1:72

The wheeled armored personnel carrier BTR-60 was developed in the late 1950s and entered service with the Soviet Army in 1959. Serial production of the vehicle took place in the years 1959-1976. The vehicle was powered by two carburetor engines with a total power of 180 HP and took from 8 to 16 landing troops. The crew consisted of two people: the commander and the mechanic-driver.

The BTR-60 transporter was created as a quite successful successor to the BTR-152. In the BTR-60 PB version, its biggest advantage over its predecessor was the main armament (a 7.62 mm machine gun) in the movable turret, which allowed for effective circular fire, slightly better armor, as well as a much better adaptation of the vehicle to combat the battlefield with the use of weapons of mass destruction. By far the biggest disadvantage of the BTR-60, as well as its successors from the "BTR" series, was the disastrous placement of very small hatches for the landing troops. This resulted in a very long time of leaving the car, which in practice led to a paradoxical situation in which the landing party moved mainly on the roof of the BTR-60, not inside it! The BTR-60 wheeled armored personnel carriers were used in combat in Afghanistan in 1979-1989. The BTR-60 was exported or licensed in: Poland, Finland, Estonia and Lithuania.

The Ural-375 is a military, all-wheel drive (6x6) all-wheel-drive truck (6x6) of original Soviet production, which is still used to a limited extent by the armed forces of the Russian Federation. UralAZ plants based in the city of Miass were responsible for its production. Serial production of the vehicle started in 1961 and lasted until 1983. The drive was provided by a single engine gasoline ZIL-375YA with a capacity of 180 hp.

The Ural-375 was developed as the successor to the Zil-157 truck. Compared to the predecessor, a new engine with higher maximum power was used, the chassis structure was strengthened, a different driver's cabin was used, the load capacity of the car was significantly increased from 2.5 tons to 4 - 4.5 tons and the performance was radically improved, especially the maximum speed, which increased from 40 km / h to 75 km / h. Several versions of the Ural-375 car were produced in the course of serial production, for example: Ural-375 (a car with an open driver's cabin), Ural-375A (a car with a closed, fully steel driver's cabin) or the Ural-375D (most frequently produced version). The chassis of this truck also served as a wheeled platform for the BM-21 Grad rocket launcher.
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